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10 Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Home This Fall

18th Aug 2022

As the weather cools off and the leaves begin to change, pests start to find their way into small openings of your home. Pests like rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and more make your home theirs – feeding on crumbs or burrowing in debris. We’ve put together 10 steps for you to keep your home pest-free this fall. Keep reading to see how you can prevent pests from entering your home!

1. Clean Your Lawn and Garage

If you have leaves, mulch, wet soil, or any other typical fall materials around your home, you’ll want to ensure that you’re cleaning it throughout the season. If debris piles up around your lawn or home, it can become easy for pests to make their home in it. The same applies to any clutter that you have in your garage. Tie up any garbage bags and sweep out the corners of your shed or garage to prevent pests from getting closer to your home.  

2. Inspect Your Crawlspaces and Basement

Take a look around the outside of your home for any holes or openings that could lead inside. If you see shredded material, it could mean that rodents are trying to make your home theirs for the cooler months. Smaller pests can also be trying to make a home with less obvious signs. If you see them around your home, or in your basement, it could mean that they’ve already moved in and that you need to contact a professional pest control company to get and keep them out. 

3. Fix Condensation or Moisture Problems

If you’ve noticed anything leaking, or condensation surrounding the pipes in your home, now is the time to get it fixed! Before the weather begins to freeze during our Wisconsin winters and cracks your leaking pipes, you’ll want to save yourself time and money by fixing it now. Leaks and condensation can also lead to mold growth, encouraging pests to make their home there. 

In addition, ensure that your gutters are clean and that your downspouts are working properly. Water pooling near a home or full gutters is a common issue that we see at K&C Pest Control. By directing water away from your foundation, you can decrease the attraction of pests to your home. 

4. Put Food In Storage Containers

As the weather cools down pests will be looking for different food sources that they can no longer find outside as easily. Instead of keeping your food items in the bags that you purchased them, store your food in sealed storage containers. These containers are easier to use, look great in your home, and keep pests out. If you have a pet or bird seed at your home, reusable containers are also a great way to store their food to ensure that it stays fresh and pest-free!

5. Ensure All Gaps Are Insulated

As you inspect your crawlspaces and basement, check your attic and garage for any large gaps. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for small gaps that you wouldn’t think anything could fit through initially. Take this opportunity to caulk these closed, or you can use expanding foam for slightly larger openings. 

6. Store Firewood Away From The House

For homes that have indoor fireplaces, wood is a crucial part of keeping your home heated during the fall and winter seasons. Even though it might be an inconvenience walking further from your home when it’s cold, you will prevent pests from living in the firewood – an easy way into your home. It’s recommended that you store your firewood at least 20 feet away from your house and only bring firewood into your home if it’s necessary for burning that day. 

7. Repair Torn Window Screens

Window screens can be a slight barrier for pests as the fall season arrives. You’ll want to go around your home making sure that they are clean and fully intact. If they aren’t, take time to make repairs or replace your window screens so that they can continue to do their job protecting your home. 

8. Check Stored Clothes and Bedding For Bug Problems

Seasonal bedding or clothing that you plan to bring out can hold pests or pest eggs. Plan on washing and drying your items to kill any eggs or signs of infestation for both what you plan to put away and what you want to bring out for the fall. If you notice that there are major signs of an infestation while you’re bringing out these items, you’ll want to contact a professional pest control company like K&C Pest Control to rid your home of pests going forward.

9. Don’t Leave Food Out Overnight

If you’re having a final summer cookout or having a family celebration, ensure that no food is left out overnight. Even if food is put away, dirty plates left over can still attract pests. Plus, if pests have easy access to food that they can have, they’ll happily make your home their fall and winter home as well. 

10. Arrange For A Home Inspection

If you’ve gone through the steps to ensure that your home is ready for the fall season, but you’re still unsure if your home is truly pest-free, contact a pest control specialist to inspect your home. K&C Pest Control helps residents across the Fox Valley to keep pests out of the house year-round. Contact us for a home inspection! 

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