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When it comes to pest control, we know you have questions. Our team at K & C Pest Control LLC aims to educate residents and business owners in Oshkosh, WI, and the surrounding areas about ways they can help keep insects and rodents out. Below, we have provided a few answers to the common questions we’re asked, but we’re happy to answer any inquiries over the phone or once we’re on-site.
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Common Questions we’re asked

Typically the treatment lasts about three months on the outside of a house. We schedule first treatments from late April through late June and second treatments from August until late October.

You do not have to be home when we service your house. We will give you a call ahead of time before we arrive, but there’s no need to be home for the actual service.

No, but the wet spray may irritate the skin. That is why we ask people to keep kids and pets inside the house while we spray. It usually takes an hour or less for the spray to dry.

The insecticide we use is mixed with water and does not stain. It isn’t greasy and doesn’t leave a film on the windows. Any residue is easy to clean off the windows.

No, the chemicals only work on insects.

No. they crawl and hide in the seams of mattresses and box springs, furniture joints, and baseboards. They are hitchhikers.

Yes, we will call you the day before we treat the house. We usually call in the late afternoon or the evening and give you an approximate time, within a couple of hours of when we will be there. We usually schedule only one day ahead because of the weather. We call our customers in late March or early April to see if they want to be treated again that summer.

Usually, we can quote a price over the phone if you know the square footage and the style of your house. On some very large homes or apartment complexes, we prefer to look at the property to give a fair quote.

You can pay at the time of service or send us payment after our service is done. We accept cash, check, or Visa/MasterCard.
Residential Pest Control FAQs

    Pests such as bed bugs, ants, fleas, or spiders may invade your bedroom since it’s dark and quiet compared to other areas of your home. Your bedroom, mattress, carpet, or other furniture may need to be treated depending on the type of pest and scope of the infestation.
    If you do have a pest problem in your bedroom, the team at K&C Pest Control will work with you to determine the best route to rid your home of these intruders.
    We know bedrooms can be a private, personal area, so we’ll walk you through how to prepare for our team to enter your space so you feel as comfortable as possible. We’ll also work quickly and efficiently and avoid touching furniture and personal items as much as possible.

    Where the pest control expert sprays in your apartment is dependent upon what pest you are dealing with. The team at K&C Pest Control will examine your space to determine the most effective pest control service for your apartment.
    In apartments, pest control technicians could spray baseboards and wall edges, any cracks and crevices, your kitchen and bathroom, bedrooms, closets, utility areas, and more.

    Preparing your home for pest control services is an important step in ensuring you are in the best position to rid your home of those unwanted pests.
    Remove obstacles and clutter to allow professionals to access the areas they need to spray. It’s important that your pest control technician has clear access to all areas of your home that need to be treated.
    Clean up food and dirty dishes and store food in airtight containers to prevent any contamination during the treatment.
    Cover or remove pet bowls and toys, pet beds, or aquariums that you have in your home. While your home is being treated, it’s important that you move your pets and their supplies to a safe area.
    Wash bedding and linens if bedrooms are being treated. You’ll want to seal them in plastic bags to prevent re-infestation, as the pest control specialists spray.
    Vacuum thoroughly to remove any loose dirt and debris. Empty the vacuum container and clean the canister to prevent any pests from escaping or returning to your home.
    Seal any visible cracks and crevices in walls, floors, and around windows to prevent pests from entering or escaping during the treatment. Our team will help seal the openings you might miss when we inspect your home for pests.
    Temporarily relocate any plants that you have in your home. This will prevent them from being damaged during the treatment.

The spray used at K&C Pest Control is registered for use in your home, but the wet spray may irritate the skin. We ask that you keep kids and pets inside while our team is there to spray your home and keep them away from areas treated until it has dried. It usually takes an hour or less for the spray to dry.
Commercial Pest Control FAQs

    Preparing your business for pest control services is just as important as preparing your home.
    Schedule times that are most convenient for your business operations. This will involve coordinating with the pest control professionals to find a suitable time slot and possibly treating after business hours.
    Inform your employees about the scheduled pest control treatment. Provide them with any necessary instructions, such as temporarily vacating certain areas, covering food, and securing personal items.
    Ensure that the pest control technician has clear access to infested areas. Remove obstacles and ensure that workspaces are clear of clutter.
    Cover or remove any exposed food. This should be done in areas where your employees store their lunches, including kitchens, break rooms, and dining areas.
    Ensure that there is proper ventilation and air circulation during and after the pest control treatment. This allows you to be sure that the area treated is safe for occupancy.
    Clean the space to prepare for pest control services. This includes vacuuming, taking out any trash, cleaning food storage areas, and sanitizing counters.

    The frequency of pest control services depends on the type of business you are running. Businesses in industries such as food service, healthcare, and hospitality may require more frequent inspections. Quarterly or even monthly inspections are common for these businesses.
    You’ll also want to consider seasonal changes as pests become more active in the fall in Wisconsin.
    Our pest control experts can work with you to determine the best pest control plan for your business. You can contact our team today to plan your pest control services for the year.

    If you spot the signs of a pest infestation – droppings, unusual sounds, nesting materials, tracks or footprints, foul odors, visible eggs or larvae, visible pests, etc. – contact your pest control experts immediately.

    To prevent any pest control issues during renovations or construction, it’s important that you immediately remove construction debris from the ground, regularly clean and cover any openings, keep doors closed as much as possible, and cover any vents to prevent pests from entering your business.
    If you are planning to have a pest control technician at your property while you’re working through renovations or construction, ensure they know about the construction and take the above steps to ensure your business is in the best position to be treated.

    Throughout the year, certain Wisconsin pests become more active.
    In spring, pests such as ants become more active and move into businesses throughout the Fox Valley.
    In fall, pests seek indoor shelter as temperatures drop, while winter can lead to an increased activity of rodents and spiders.
    Pest control efforts are often focused on preventative measures and early detection. Our team at K&C Pest Control will work with you to schedule pest control that is most effective for your business at certain times of the year.