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Most Common Household Pests In Wisconsin

25th Mar 2019

As the weather continues to get warmer, Wisconsin pests will start poking around. Make sure you’re prepared for the most common household pests the state has to offer.

Mice and rats wander around Wisconsin all year long. They like to sneak into homes because they have access to shelter and food. Rodents aren’t just annoying, they can also cause property damage and spread diseases. If you see evidence of a mouse in your home, it’s important to act quickly.

There are more than 1,000 species of spiders found in Wisconsin. They are active all year round, but tend to sneak inside when the seasons change from summer to fall. Spiders can’t survive winter without appropriate shelter, which could mean your home.

There are many different types of ants in Wisconsin, including carpenter, pavement, pharoah and acrobat. They are social insects that tend to live in colonies and are attracted to homes that have easy access to food. It’s important to take precaution to keep ants out, especially during spring and summer.

Wasps are also common in the area and are known to create nests near homes. There are a few ways to prevent and get rid of them, so make sure you are informed before having any summer picnics.

Earwigs pose no threat to humans, but they are still pretty unnerving to have in your home. These creepy creatures enjoy dark, damp places and things that are in the process of decaying.

If any of these pests are bugging you, contact a friendly pest expert from K&C Pest Control.

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