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5 Common Pests In Wisconsin That Are Harmful To Trees

19th May 2022

As homeowners in the Fox Valley, we do our best to have our yard thriving and take great pride in taking care of them. During the summer months, there are a few pests that come out of the woodwork and can cause some damage to our trees. To help protect the trees in your yard, you can take some preventative measures such as pest control. While K&C Pest Control doesn’t do anything to help protect your trees, we know how valuable this information can be to know what to look for. Keep reading to learn about the pests that could potentially harm your trees.

What are some common pests that can harm my trees?


Typically found on the underside of leaves, Aphids eat sap in tree leaves which leads to stunted leaf growth or can cause them to curl up and then turn yellow. 

Gypsy (or spongy) moth 

Gypsy moth caterpillars munch on more than 300 species of evergreen and deciduous trees. Usually every 10 years, their population explodes causing harm to many trees in Wisconsin. 

Asian longhorned beetle

As lovers of maple, Asian long-horned beetles often infest trees during the summer months by laying their eggs on the tree then as they grow, they will burrow deeper into the wood of the tree. The tunneling often causes harm to trees which is why the Asian longhorned beetle is on the DNR’s invasive species list.

Emerald ash borer

This invasive beetle was first detected in Wisconsin in 2008 and is similar to Asian long-horned beetles where they often burrow into trees. The larvae cause harm to the trees by feeding on the wood underneath the bark. 

Squirrels and other small animals

While they’re cute to look at, squirrels, rabbits and porcupines can cause some serious wounds to trees and ultimately cause them to die. These animals feed on small tender twigs, newly developed leaves and tree roots. 

Need help with pests in your yard?

While we aren’t able to help you with any damage to your trees, K&C Pest Control can help you take care of preventative measures to help ensure the safety of your trees! Contact us today to get started.

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