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Everything You Need To Know About Our Spider Spray

21st Sep 2015

You pull into your driveway after a long day of work. On your way to the front door, you notice spider webs draped on your house, but think “I’ve knocked those down three times already!” You go to your garage, grab a broom and knock the webs down, but dirt from your broom got smeared on your siding. Slightly frustrated, you finally walk in your front door and your head gets wrapped in a spider web that you didn’t notice in the doorway. Other than needing a shower, you realize you might have a spider problem. What do you do now? Call K & C Pest Control!

We treat most pests (or can refer you to someone who can), but we specialize in spider control. In fact, we perform the most spider sprays in central Wisconsin! Here is how our spider treatment works:

We call current customers in March to see if they would like their homes treated again this year. Then we set up an appointment. We call the day before service to confirm every scheduled appointment.

Customers should keep in mind that we won’t spray if there is too much activity going near the home (i.e., rummage sales, home construction, community events.) Weather also plays a role, we won’t spray if it’s too windy or if rain is in the forecast, etc.). We prefer not to treat homes when there are too many people around.

We offer treatment to the interior and exterior of homes. For exterior treatment, we treat from the foundation to the roofline, ensuring that we’ve thoroughly covered your home for the best results. We can knock down some webs, but our main purpose is to treat your home for spiders.

We use Demand CS, a general insecticide spray. Our spraying equipment resembles a power washer, but with much less pressure. The insecticide is mirco-encapsulated and bonds to the outside of homes. The capsules release insecticide over time, neutralizing spiders!

Our insecticide is effective in neutralizing pests from your home for about three months. If you see new spider webs form on your home within six weeks of treatment, we will come spray that area of the house again.

For interior treatment, we can spray baseboards in individual rooms or the whole house, including your basement.

Summer and fall are great times to get your house treated. It’s only too late to spray when there’s snow on the ground. It’s a perfect time for treatment when it starts to get cold, though, since insects will begin making their way into homes seeking warmth, so additional treatment in September or October will be very effective.

There are no contracts, so you’re not locked into service you don’t want or need. We can leave the bill on your front door or mail it to you, whichever way you prefer. We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards.

If you have any questions about our spider treatment or other pest control services, call us at (920) 582-9000 or visit

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