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Fall Pests To Watch Out For In Wisconsin

27th Sep 2018

Summer is a popular season for biting insects like mosquitoes and ticks, but autumn has its own set of pests to be aware of. Take a look at a few fall pests to watch out for in Wisconsin.

Spiders can find their way indoors when the weather starts getting cooler. One great way to keep spiders away is to keep your house clean and free of dust and clutter. Spiders easily make webs behind boxes and in corners of your house you might forget to clean. You can also use natural spider repellant around your windows or other places spiders are likely to sneak in.

Mice also seek warmth in the fall and winter. It’s important to make sure your house is mouse proof and doesn’t have any cracks or holes. Mice are sneaky and get into even small entryways. If you’ve already seen a mouse in your house, use these tips.

Centipedes also appear more in homes in the fall. While they aren’t pleasant to look at, they aren’t harmful. You can keep them away by frequently checking and cleaning crawl spaces, dark corners, damp areas and any cracks or crevices they could hide in.

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