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How To Avoid Ticks While Hunting

29th Nov 2017

Hunting season is one of the best times of the year, but you might run into one of the worst insects, ticks that can cling to your hair, skin or clothing. Ticks are small, but they can have giant affects on your health when ticks are active. There are a few ways you can avoid ticks and prevent disease while hunting:

– Wear light clothing to make ticks easy to see
– Spray your arms and legs with tick repellant
– Wear rubber hunting boots
– Tuck long pants into your boots and long sleeves into your gloves
– Walk in the center of trails when possible
– Avoid walking through dense brush
– Sit in a hunting chair in your blind so you don’t have to sit on the ground
– Check for ticks every few hours, and thoroughly check yourself at the end of your hunt.

If a tick does bite you, remove it from your skin as quickly as possible. Use a tweezers to pull out the tick and then clean the area of the bite. Follow these detailed instructions from the Centers for Disease Control for more safe removal tips.

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