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How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Car

25th Feb 2019

During the cold months, mice, rats and other vermin are looking for warm places to take shelter, which could include your car. To avoid these four-legged foes, use these tips to keep rodents out of your car.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean
Don’t let garbage pile up in your vehicle. Paper, tissues and fast food bags are perfect nesting material for mice.

Avoid Moisture Build Up
Like most living creatures, rodents need water to live. They’ll be attracted to your vehicle if there is a leak in the heater or wet materials inside to draw them in.

Eliminate Entry Points
Mice will take any opportunity to enter a warm, safe environment. An open sunroof or cracked window is all a mouse needs to get into a vehicle. Make sure there are no points of entry available.

Pay Attention To The Garage
Even if you park in a garage instead of outside, you can still get rodents in your car. It’s important to make an effort to also pest proof your garage by keeping trash cans covered, eliminating excess debris, clearing clutter and sealing any gaps or openings where a rodent could squeeze in.

Check Under The Hood
Rodents also have a sneaky habit of finding their way under the hood of a vehicle. They often start their nest next to the engine for warmth. Make a habit of checking this area for any unwanted guests who could get a little too comfortable and chew on nearby wiring.

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