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How To Keep Squirrels and Other Critters Out Of Your Garage

27th Oct 2017

Once the weather starts getting cooler, squirrels and other seemingly cute critters will be looking for a warm place to stay. This is the perfect time to prevent squirrels from getting into your shed, garage or home. Here are some tips for keeping critters out of your garage this fall:

1. Check the exterior of your garage for holes
The first step is to check any structures on your property for holes. If you find any gaps in boards or at the foundation, make sure they are properly sealed. The most important areas to check are around doors and windows.

2. Select and apply squirrel repellent
After you’ve taken care of any holes or gaps, it can help to invest in some squirrel repellent to place or spray around the perimeter of your garage or shed. This will help deter squirrels and other critters from nibbling.

3. Trim trees
If you want to be extra cautious, you can also trim trees around your property that have branches close to your roof. Squirrels can jump about 10 feet from a tree onto a structure. As an added bonus to trimming your branches, they won’t be able to fall and damage your garage during fall or winter storms.

If a squirrel or some other critter has managed to infiltrate your garage, contact us calling (920) 582-9000 to schedule an appointment.

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