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How To Remove Insects From Your Christmas Tree

29th Dec 2017

Many people look forward to getting a real tree every year, but some don’t realize pests can sneak their way into your home on that very tree. Believe it or not, there could be up to 25,000 bugs and insects hiding in your Christmas tree. Below are 5 tips to prevent these pests from becoming unwanted guests in your home this holiday season as well as a list of bugs to watch out for.

5 Steps To Prevent Unwanted Christmas Pests

  1. Properly inspect the tree for egg sacks and nests under the branches, on the surface of the needles and the base of the trunk. Remove them before bringing the tree home.
  2. What kind of bugs are on christmas trees?Leave the tree in your garage for a few days before bringing it inside.
  3. Vigorously shake the tree over a sheet to dislodge any bugs.
  4. Vacuum up any insects on or around the tree.
  5. Dust the tree with Diatomaceous Earth or spray with neem oil to kill any bugs. Do NOT spray it with aerosol pesticides, which are flammable and toxic.

What kind of bugs are found on Christmas trees?

If you’ve already noticed an uptick of pests in your house since you brought your Christmas tree home, call us at (920) 582-9000. We’ll send those insects packing!

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