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How to Treat Your Home For Yellow Jacket Nests

10th Sep 2015

Yellow jacket season is in full swing, just in time for the Wisconsin summer heat. Many people are allergic to these North American wasps. Their stings may cause a serious allergic reaction, and can even be fatal.

Homeowners must exercise caution when personally treating yellow jackets and removing their nests. The larger the nest, the more aggressive the yellow jackets will be. Unlike the honeybee, when a yellow jacket stings, it doesn’t lose its stinger or die; it can keep stinging.

Yellow jackets are very opportunistic insects and will build nests wherever they can. The queen wasp, the largest insect in the colony, is the most essential part to treating the nest. In order to thoroughly treat a yellow jacket nest, the queen wasp must be exterminated.

If yellow jackets are in your walls, we highly recommend calling us before trying to treat them. Closing holes of the nest will force yellow jackets inside your home. They can chew through drywall, so trapping them in a wall isn’t an effective treatment.

During the day, the insects are foraging for food and gathering material for the nest, then they all come back to the nest at night. We apply an insecticide dust where the yellow jackets enter the nest. The next day we come back and and check for activity, giving the nest an additional dusting if necessary.

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