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How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your House

24th Jun 2016

Protect your house from spiders this summer.
We’re well into our treatments for spiders this year! We usually spray homes once in April through June and then again in August through October. You can take several steps before we treat your house to make sure you don’t see any eight-legged invaders this year.

Getting Rid of Spiders Indoors

Keeping your home clean is one of the most effective ways to keep spiders out. They like dark, cluttered places where humans don’t usually go. Dust, debris and crumbs attract other insects, which then attract arachnids. The Farmers’ Almanac says they like to make homes in piles of cardboard, so make sure you take out your recycling regularly.

Cleaning up your yard will help keep spiders out of your house.

Getting Rid of Spiders Outdoors

Cleaning up grass clippings, leaves and other debris around the outside of your house will also keep spiders from moving indoors. Trim trees and bushes to eliminate other hiding places.

Make your house as airtight as possible to keep spiders outside. Caulk the edges of windows and doors to eliminate entry points. You can also put a fine mesh over air vents. Science columnists at The Independent recommend turning off outdoor lights when not in use. Insects attracted to lights are prey for spiders, so leaving lights on will draw both closer to your house.

Keep spiders from building webs in your house with these tips.

Getting Rid of Spiders Using Our Treatments

One typical spider spray treatment lasts about three months on the outside of a house. Our spray works against many different types of spiders, including the five most common types found in Wisconsin. Follow these tips to ensure our work does the most good and doesn’t cause any problems:

-Don’t power wash your house right after we’ve treated it. You’ll wash away all our hard work and your money!
-Make sure the windows are closed before we spray your house. The insecticide we use is mixed with water and won’t leave a film on your windows or stain your siding.
-Keep kids and pets inside for an hour after treatment. The wet insecticide may irritate skin. It usually takes an hour or less for it to dry.

Spider control is our specialty. We offer a six-week guarantee with one treatment and a summer-long guarantee with two. Contact us for a free quote and to schedule your treatment.

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