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Office Pest Prevention Tips for Businesses & Employees

17th Dec 2020

With many businesses and offices switching to virtual operations amid COVID-19 and employees taking extra time off during the holiday season, a lot of buildings are sitting empty or operating with minimal staff right now. This means you’re extra vulnerable to pests, particularly ants, roaches, mice, and other rodents. In fact, we’ve been getting a lot of calls from businesses around the Fox Cities for this very reason. 

So, what can you do to minimize your chances of returning to some unwelcome visitors? We’ve put together a few ways to prevent pests in your office or commercial property. 

  • Clean out any food items. All those chips, trail mixes, and holiday goodies that people leave on their desk or in the break room are just asking for pests. Remind people to clean out their personal belongings, particularly food, before leaving for the weekend or an extended holiday break. In general, don’t keep it in your desk, or make sure you keep it in closed Tupperware containers!
  • Empty garbage bins. It’s never good to leave garbage sitting around for too long — even in outside bins. It’s a prime area for pests, particularly rodents, to scavenge for food and nesting materials. Make sure all trash bins get emptied regularly.
  • Schedule regular cleanings. Vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning spills, disinfecting, and other cleaning tasks should be done consistently. It helps reduce the chance of a rodent or bug infestation. Plus, you’re much more likely to notice signs of rodents and other pests if the office is being cleaned regularly.
  • Be vigilant. Even if you’re working remotely or away on vacation, it’s important to keep an eye on your commercial/office space. Make sure someone is checking in at least once a week to inspect the building and be on the lookout for pests. Pay special attention to problem areas, such as break rooms or storage areas, where they may be food and more places for pests to hide.
  • Minimize clutter as much as possible. Clutter around your desk and office area can provides good places for pests to hide! Plus, it can also make you less productive at work. It’s best to keep things as clear and clutter-free as possible.
  • Educate others. Keeping pests out of your office space is a team effort. Be sure everyone is up to speed on standard pest prevention (as noted above), the signs of mice and other pests, and what to do if they spot pests anywhere in the office. 
  • Take precautions during maintenance updates. Be cognizant of open doors and windows during services like carpet cleaning, when unloading or loading new inventory, or moving office furniture in and out. Mice can sneak right in while the service is taking place.
  • Work with professionals. If you have a rodent or bug infestation of some kind, it’s best to work with a professional pest control specialist, like K&C Pest Control. DIY methods are generally ineffective and specialists can locate the source of the problem and save you from ongoing hassle, damage, and complications. 

With more people working remotely and taking extended holiday vacations, it’s more important than ever to take the necessary precautions to prevent pests from invading your business. Remember, pest prevention is a team effort and it’s important that employees do their part too! Hopefully, these tips will help keep you and your employees safe and your office space pest-free. 

If you suspect rodents or other pests in your Fox Cities business, contact us at 920-582-9000. 

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