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Should I rely on my pets for pest control?

16th Nov 2021

As the temperature starts to drop in Northeast Wisconsin, you might notice some scurrying around your home. Mice or other rodents like to move inside once it gets cold outside. If you have a cat, it might be enticing to rely on it as a form of pest control, but will this actually help? Keep reading and we will go over whether or not you should rely on your pets as a type of pest control.

Can I use my house cat to stop mice?

Historically, cats were one of the main ways of stopping mice from overtaking a building. Cats by default are hunters, so it would be a safe assumption that they would continue to use their instincts if they come across a mouse in the house. However, there are two reasons why they won’t be the best form of pest control.

House cats aren’t like stray cats

Stray cats who were born and live in the wild are very different from your domesticated house cat who meows at exactly 5pm for its can of wet food. While stray cats are able to hone in on their hunting skills, many domestic cats haven’t hunted for rodents for generations. More often than not, house cats will play with the mouse without killing it.

Mice like to burrow

If your cat does catch a mouse once in a while, it won’t fix the overarching problem that the mice are burrowed in your walls, attic or basement. With mice out of reach, they will be able to breed and cause problems to the structure of your home. 

Should I find a feral cat instead to catch mice?

While this can be a solution, you need to consider the fact you will still need to train this cat so it doesn’t ruin your furniture and is litter trained, as well as make sure it doesn’t have any medical issues or fleas that may cause other pest issues. You can ask humane societies, like the Oshkosh Area Humane Society, Neenah Animal Shelter or Fox Valley Humane Association, and they often have a few cats that meet these requirements.

The solution?

The best solution for getting rid of a mice issue is by contacting a professional pest control company. They will be able to find the root of the mouse infestation and stop it from continuing. 

Contact K&C Pest Control to help with your mouse problem

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