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Signs of Pests to Watch For When Spring Cleaning

26th Mar 2020

The weather is starting to warm up here in Wisconsin, which means it’s high time for some spring cleaning. And, like the rest of the world, we’re battling the COVID-19 pandemic, so cleanliness and sanitation is of the utmost importance right now. As you’re organizing, cleaning, and social distancing throughout the next couple of weeks, it’s a good time to be proactive with pest management. Oftentimes, deep cleaning can help uncover potential pest and bug issues that you didn’t even know you had! As you’re cleaning, be on the lookout for these signs of pests…

1. Carcasses
Inspect those hard to see areas for any signs of dead bugs or pests, such as dried up wings, legs or other body parts. If you see a few sporadically, you’re probably fine, but if you find a large concentration of them, you may have an infestation on your hand.

2. Damaged food packaging
When cleaning your kitchen, pay close attention to food packaging in your cupboards and on your counters. If you notice tears, scratches, holes, or other unexplained damage, you may have a problem with mice or other pests.

3. Droppings and urine stains
As you’re spring cleaning, pay close attention to hidden, out-of-the-way areas such as back corners of cupboards and behind the couch. These are prime places that sneaky pests, such as rodents and cockroaches, leave droppings.

4. Nests
As you’re cleaning out cupboards and closets, look for nest-like piles. Rodents and other large pests, such as squirrels, like to collect shredded bits of insulation, paper, socks, and other materials to make nests. Spiders tend to lay eggs and save food in small sacks, so look for those as well.

5. Smell
If you’ve cleaned your house and taken out the garbage, but you’re still noticing an odd smell around your house, that could be a sign that a mouse, squirrel, or another type of pest has died or is living somewhere within your walls that you’re not seeing. Where one is, others often follow.

6. Dried blood on fabrics
If you’ve been noticing weird spots on your sheets or other fabrics around your home, that may be a sign of bed bugs. As these bugs feed, their feces can look like tiny black spots. Keep an eye out around your bedding and the seams and corners of your mattress.

7. Holes and dust around wood
As you’re cleaning, inspect doors, windowsills, and other areas for unusual holes or damage. This can be a sign of wood-destroying pests, like carpenter ants or powderpost beetles. They may also leave small piles of sawdust or powdery residue around.

8. Structural damage
As you’re doing your outdoor spring cleaning chores, be sure to give the outside of your house a good inspection as well. While pests are common outside, structural damage near or around your house could mean they’re working their way in somehow. Cracks, holes, plants and landscaping that have been damaged, or other unusual marks on your home’s exterior can all be signs of some type of a pest getting too close for comfort to your home.

<What to Do If You Suspect An Infestation in Your Home
Take photos. They may come in handy if your pest control company or your insurance company has any questions.

Use caution and avoid touching contaminated areas with your bare hands. Oftentimes, it’s better to leave it until a pest control technician can handle it.

Consider using glass or plastic containers and storage bins. These are generally more pest-resistant.

Most importantly, contact a pest control professional, like K&C Pest Control. Oftentimes, issues are worse than they appear on the surface, so it’s better to let an expert tackle them quickly and efficiently.

If you suspect pests in your Fox Cities Home, contact us at 920-582-9000.

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