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How Our Summer Spider Treatments Work

20th Jun 2017

John from K&C Pest Control with map of summer spider treatment area

Spider eggs laid in spring or summer hatch in a matter of weeks, meaning we’ve been very busy with summer spider treatments over the past two months! Our technicians handle the most spider treatments in central Wisconsin. We treat:

-Fond du Lac

You can schedule a spider treatment with us until snow is on the ground! It will protect your home from dozens of types of spiders, including the five most common species in Wisconsin. Here’s what to expect with your spider treatment:

Setting Up A Spider Treatment

The first step is contacting us. When we’re setting up your treatment, we’ll ask you for your location, phone number, if your house is a ranch or two stories, how many square feet of living space you have and whether you have an attached garage. You’ll hear from us again the day before your appointment to confirm.

Spiderweb on ceiling

Factors That Could Affect Your Spider Treatments

We won’t treat your home if a lot of activity is going on nearby. Rummage sales, big community events and construction bring a lot of people to your neighborhood. The wet insecticide can irritate skin, so we avoid having people around when applying it. We also won’t treat if it’s too windy or if rain is in the forecast. Wind and rain make our work less effective.

K&C Pest Control technician performing summer spider treatments

How Our Summer Spider Treatments Work

We treat the outside and inside of your home to prevent spider invasions. Outside, we start from the foundation and work up to the roofline. Inside, we can spray baseboards in individual rooms or around the whole house, including your basement.
Our spraying equipment looks like a power washer, but it applies the insecticide at a much lower pressure. We use Demand CS insecticide, which contains tiny capsules that bond to your house. The capsules release the insecticide slowly to neutralize spiders for about three months.

If you see webs on your house within six weeks of your appointment, we’ll come back and treat that area of your house again. If you plan ahead and make two appointments, we’ll guarantee your home spider-free for the whole summer!

K&C Pest Control technician in spider treatment gear

During And After Your Spider Treatments

Make sure the windows are closed before your scheduled summer spider treatments. The insecticide is mixed with water and won’t leave a film on your windows or stain your siding. Keep kids and pets inside for about an hour until the treatment dries, and make sure you do not power wash your house for three months after our visit. You’ll wash away our hard work and your money if you wash sooner than that!

Now that you know how our treatment works, call (920) 582-9000 to schedule your appointment and start enjoying a spider-free summer!

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