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The Difference Between Pest Control and Extermination

13th Jan 2023

Pest control is a process that involves investigative work to find the root cause of the pest problem and find long-term solutions that stop and prevent future pests. Exterminators, on the other hand, will use sprays, chemicals, and traps on pests they can see, killing them but not preventing others from returning. 

Exterminators will often spray a wider radius than necessary to kill the pests in your home or business, which may impact your family, pets, coworkers, and the surrounding environment as well. Because they don’t focus on prevention, you’ll likely have to call them back to use more toxic chemicals in the future. 

Why Should You Call a Pest Control Specialist

Pest control specialists are experts in understanding pests and how they make their way into your home or business. They know what signs to look for and what you can do to prevent them from returning in the future. 

At K&C Pest Control, we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which uses both chemical and non-chemical practices to control pests in and around your home or business. You’ll likely see a difference in pest activity after one or two days, proving that the pest control expert has found the root of the problem. While often used interchangeably, pest control and extermination aren’t the same. Explore the difference between the two and the benefits of working with a Wisconsin pest control specialist.

Hiring a pest control service from the start is an excellent way for you to address your pest problem at the source. Not only can you trust that your pest problem will be addressed, but it is also more cost-effective in terms of being a long-term solution versus calling an exterminator repeatedly when more pests appear. 

What Our Customers are Saying

“Parker did a great job contacting me promptly to help get rid of my mice problem. He went out of his way to get the mice out and make sure they don’t get in again!” – Brittany S. 

“K&C came recommended to me by a family member.  From my first call to them over a year ago through to the present day, I’ve been extremely happy with their customer service and professionalism. Also, using K&C has cut way down on the spider population around my home and garage, which in turn, cuts down on damage to my home’s siding.” – Todd M. D. 

Looking for a Fox Cities Pest Control Specialist?

Our pest control specialists have a deep knowledge of Wisconsin pests and what you’ll typically see at certain times of the year around Appleton, Oshkosh, Neenah, and the surrounding area. Our team will offer you long-term solutions for pest prevention and are always standing by if you have questions or concerns. Contact us today for pest control solutions for your home or business!

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