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What forms of pest control methods are there?

13th Jan 2022

Pests can pose a serious threat to humans, plants or animals as well as damage homes or yards. The methods of pest control are often unique to the types of pests creating the problem. K & C Pest Control wants to help define the different types of pest control methods for those who are interested. Keep reading to learn more about the different pest control methods!

Biological Pest Control 

As one of the most natural methods of pest control, biological pest control uses living organisms to help control pests without harming humans. This type of pest control is chemical-free and very beneficial. It is often used to control insect populations. 

Organic Pest Control

Best for those who need to stop damage caused by small animals or insects while still ensuring the safety of their kids, pets and plants can use organic pest control. This pest control method uses bait, traps or sprays. 

Chemical Pest Control

This pest control method uses chemical pesticides which can be used on a variety of pests such as insects, spiders and rodents. It comes in many forms like aerosol sprays, solid or liquid. This method is dangerous for humans and other living organisms. 

Electronic Pest Control

Using several types of electrically powered devices, electronic pest control is typically used to either repel or eliminate rodents or insects. The top two methods are electromagnetic which can affect the nervous system of species or ultrasonic which produces high-frequency short-length sound waves. 

Hygiene Control

Hygiene control is a way of taking preventive measures to stop pests from being attracted to your home or office. Cleaning up food, washing dishes, disposing of trash and sealing septic tanks are examples of how to stop attracting pests.

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