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When Do Lake Flies Hatch In Wisconsin?

22nd Apr 2019

Every year the Oshkosh area gets invaded by lake flies aka mayflies. Even though there is no way to prevent them, it’s still helpful to prepare yourself for their arrival. Learn when the lake flies are expected to hatch and why they are an important part of the lake’s ecosystem.

How long do lake flies live?

Their full name is actually chironomids, but they get the nickname of lake fly because they hatch on water, like Lake Winnebago here in Oshkosh. Lake flies hatch every spring in the beginning to middle of May. They can be so plentiful that last year they were even detected on weather radar. It isn’t unusual to see sides of houses and cars completed covered in the critters, but there is some good news: their life span is short. Lake flies only live for one to two weeks.

Do lake flies bite?

They don’t bite or cause any physical harm to humans. These bugs are mostly just a mild annoyance, so make sure you keep your mouth closed when you’re outside near the lake. They are also beneficial bugs for the lake’s ecosystem as a source of food for sturgeon, perch and resident birds. Lake flies are seen as a sign of summer. Locals might be grossed out to see them, but they also know that their presence means the long winter is finally over.

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