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Where Do Insects Go In Winter?

23rd Jan 2019

Winter means low temperatures, snowy trees and frozen lakes, so where do the bugs go during this cold spell? Many people assume they die off, but these pests actually find ways to make it through the winter unscathed. Find out how specific insects survive harsh Midwest winters.


Mosquitoes love moisture, but they dislike the cold. They protect themselves by hibernating in places like hollow logs. As temperatures get warmer, female mosquitoes seek out a blood source and begin developing eggs.

Bedbugs are extremely resilient. They can survive temperatures from nearly freezing to 122°F. They can die after a few days of being exposed to temperatures below 32°F, but to protect themselves from cold, they will most often enter buildings or homes.

As the months start getting cooler, ants fill up on food to put on fat and survive for weeks on end without eating. When winter arrives, their body temperature significantly decreases, and they seal up their colony in deep soil or under rocks until spring. Once the temperatures are warm enough, the ants will emerge full of energy.


Cockroaches are known as being the most resilient pest. Most species of cockroaches can survive year-round, as long as they have easy access to warm, moist environments. Other species migrate into homes or larger buildings to stay comfortable.

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