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Where You’ll Find Pests Hiding In Your Home This Winter

24th Feb 2016

Pests see your home as a safe haven during the cold winter months. They find a constant supply of food and warmth there. Keeping your house clean is one of the best things you can do to keep pests away. Knowing where pests like to hide and how they get into your home is essential to keeping them out.

Cockroaches invading home as pests


Cockroaches like living behind electronics, refrigerators, microwaves and wall clocks. Some experts believe they like the radio frequencies. Cockroaches also like having their bodies surrounded by soft materials like cardboard or paper. They’ll often hide out in paper grocery bags and corrugated cardboard boxes. This is one way you may unknowingly bring them in your home.

Squirrels are pests that move into your home in winter.


Squirrels are a dangerous fire hazard for your home. They chew through electrical wires, which can start fires. Squirrels are a gateway pest. The holes they make in your house also let in other unwanted visitors, including birds, mice and bats. Trapping a squirrel and releasing it isn’t enough to keep these pests out of your home. They will travel up to 10 miles to return to a favorite area.

Mice move into a home as pests


Mice and other rodents can get into homes through holes the size of a dime. Rodents can contort their bodies to squeeze through tiny holes. Mice and rats are dangerous because they carry diseases and also chew through wires, creating additional fire hazards.

Bedbugs are pests found in the home.


Bedbugs are hitchhikers. They enter your home on your clothes, luggage, furniture and more. Call us if you spot signs of bedbugs. Once we treat your home, we’ll have you wash and dry all of your clothes, sheets, pillows and towels. The heat from your dryer kills bedbugs and their eggs.

If you’re traveling and wondering how to keep bedbugs out of your luggage, keep your suitcases in the shower in your hotel room. The bathtub and shower are usually farthest from the bed, where bedbugs will most likely be hiding. Never let your suitcase touch the hotel bed. Also make sure you check between the mattress and box spring of the hotel bed for black spots, which are a sign of bedbugs.

If You Find Pests In Your Home

Call us at (920) 582-9000 or send us a message if you see signs of any of these pests in your home. The longer you wait to contact a professional, the worse the problem will become.

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