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Wisconsin Fall Pest Prevention Checklist

22nd Sep 2020

With changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and fun outdoor activities, there’s no doubt that fall is a fun time here in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, it’s also a prime time for pests to cause issues in and around your home as they look to prepare for the cold Wisconsin winter season. 

We’ve put together a handy fall pest prevention checklist so you can protect your home and your family from unwanted pests (including mice, squirrels, wasps, spiders, box elder beetles, stink bugs, and more)!

Keep Your Yard Pest-Free This Fall

Here are a few important outdoor pest prevention tasks to tackle this fall.

  • Close your garbage bins. Ones with lockable lids work well to keep out bugs, yellow jackets, and other critters like raccoons. 
  • Trim your trees, bushes, and shrubs. This helps reduce nesting materials and hiding places for bugs and other pests, making your yard and home less attractive to unwanted visitors. 
  • Clean up leaves, sticks, and other debris in your yard. As noted above, these are good hiding places and nesting materials for bugs and other critters, so they may draw pests to your yard. In addition to making your yard less inviting to critters, cleaning them up means you’ll have less work to do in the spring. 
  • Move firewood and other debris at least 20 feet away from your home, cabin, shed, or camper. These are prime nesting areas and hiding spots that attract spiders, beetles, and other pests. 
  • Clean the gutters. Yellow jackets and other pests often make their home in the areas along your roofline but often remain unseen. You want to make sure you clean it out to deter nesting. Use proper safety precautions to reduce fall risk or work with a professional, like the team at K&C Pest Control, if needed. 
  • Seal all cracks and crevices around exterior windows and doors, including around pipes and utilities. This will help deter rodents and other critters from making their way inside. 
  • Look for signs of damage around your home. Pay close attention to windows, doorways, and the foundation. This can be a sign that pests are trying to get in or have already made their way through. It’s better to handle it now before the weather gets even colder. 

Keep bugs and critters out of your home

Now that you’ve tackled the outside tasks, it’s time to move indoors. Add these indoor fall pest prevention tasks to your to-do list.

  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors to keep unwanted bugs and rodents from sneaking under the door. 
  • Fix damaged window screens or screen doors. It only takes one small hole for critters to get in! 
  • Add screens to air vents, dryer vents, and chimney openings. These openings are often forgotten but are prime spots for rodents and bugs to sneak into your home. 
  • Store food in airtight containers. Food is a magnet for rodents and other pests, especially when cold weather hits and it’s harder to come by outdoors. Glass and plastic work well for keeping pests out. 
  • Keep counters and floors clean. It’s easy for crumbs and food to get left behind, especially during the busy holiday baking and cooking season. Again, many pests are looking for a food source during the cold months, so you’ll want to keep things clean. 
  • Fix leaky pipes and clogged drains. Excess moisture naturally attracts pests. Not to mention, leaks can be costly for homeowners.
  • Inspect any boxes, such as holiday decorations, that may have been stored in the garage or shed before bringing them into your home. Bugs and rodents can make their way inside your home by hiding out in these containers. 
  • Don’t leave pet food sitting out. While your pet may be a grazer and enjoy nibbling on their food throughout the day, their food is a temptation to unwanted pests just like human food.
  • Consider using a dehumidifier in your basement, garage, or other areas where moisture builds up. moisture draws pests, especially in these darker, less trafficked areas.
  • Empty garbage and recycling bins frequently. 
  • Look for signs of damage around your home. Just like you checked outside, now it’s time to check around inside. Check under sinks and cupboards, in the basement and attic, and other areas that often go ignored for signs that pests may already be causing problems.

Contact K&C Pest Control 

If you’re dealing with unwanted pests or simply wanting an extra boost of protection this fall, K&C Pest Control can help. Our fall spray will deter pests (including stink bugs and Asian beetles) from hibernating in your walls and help protect your Fox Cities home throughout the season. Keep the bugs out so they don’t pop out in spring!

Contact us at 920-582-9000 to get ready for fall.

In the meantime, check out some of our other fall resources to keep your home pest-free!

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